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"I think this is a wonderful idea for professional network and business marketers to get together on a non-competitive forum. Thank you very much, I appreciate this opportunity."

- Kaye Stephens
- Coach and Mentor

"This is my first time using BlitzTime, and this is an awesome tool! It really takes the excuses out of not getting out there to meet new people. BlitzTime is a wonderful tool that people can use when they can't get out but still want to grow their business. Thank you BlitzTime."

- Tyrone Turner
- Grassroots Business Network

"This has been a wonderful experience. This is my first BlitzTime, and I think this is a great tool for networking and meeting people. I give it two thumbs up!"

- Donald Lemieux
- Project Manager Supply Chain Consultant

"I thought it was great - I met two people in my hometown so I can make a face to face connection. Out of four connections, two of them gave me great leads."

- Dorothy Williams
- Customer Experience Expert

"Great program. This is really innovative and exciting. I'm looking forward to participating in these in the future. "

- Melanie Brown
- Talent Acquisition Pro

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