Peter Caputa
Online Marketing
Worcester , MA

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Current Work:
  • Partner Manager at HubSpot
  • Founder at Hive411
  • Education:
  • Certificate, Web Application Development, WPI
  • Bachelors, Chemical Engineering, WPI

  • Detailed Experience Summary:

    Partner Manager at HubSpot
    November 2007 - Present

    Helping Businesses Generate Traffic and Leads through an integrated internet marketing and website management platform.

    Founder at Hive411
    August 2007 - Present

    Businesses are nominated as the best in their category. Others vote. All votes are public. Businesses with the most votes get the most visibility. Also allows businesses to do smart link building to support their SEO.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    Certificate, Web Application Development, WPI
    January 2004

    Bachelors, Chemical Engineering, WPI
    June 1998

    Conversation History: (16 total)

    Date Person
    10/29/08 Kenneth Michelson
    10/29/08 Deb Mullen
    10/29/08 marc rust
    10/29/08 Jeff D'Urso
    10/29/08 Jennifer Tremblay
    10/29/08 Shala Phansalkar
    10/29/08 Andrew Rohman
    10/29/08 Michael Manning
    10/29/08 David O'Neil
    10/29/08 Lisa M. Forbes
    10/29/08 Daniel O.Engelstein
    10/29/08 Dale Donnelly
    01/31/08 Jeff D'Urso
    01/31/08 Rick Roberge
    01/31/08 Mike Sachleben