Sadie Murray
Promote Entrepreneurial opportunities through Freelife International as a Marketing Executive
Schaumburg , IL

Sadie Murray's Networking Photo

Current Work:
  • Marketing Executive at Freelife International
  • Previous Work:
  • Human Resource Professional at Motorola
  • Administrative/Customer Service at Air Jamaica

  • Skills:
    leadership development; innovation, project management, team building; developing networks,

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Marketing Executive at Freelife International
    May 2006 - Present

    I Market and Promote nutritional products globally and assist Entrepreneurs looking to find an opportunity to Dictate their own economy to do the same.

    Human Resource Professional at Motorola
    September 1981 - September 2004

    Responsibilities included,training, leadership and organization development for over 2000 employees in 12 locations worldwide. Developed a proven track record in identifying vital needs and deploying measurable solutions that drove revolutionary as well as evolutionary change. I took pride in becoming a trusted partner and coach to both employees and senior leaders spanning multiple disciplines and was able to build an extensive network through building trust and motivating others

    Administrative/Customer Service at Air Jamaica
    November 1973 - September 1981

    Representative for Air Jamaica providing administrative support and a liaison with City of Chicago, Handling Agents and other entities at O'Hare International

    Conversation History: (40 total)

    Date Person
    06/24/09 Cynthia D. Farinelli
    06/24/09 W.L. Pulsipher, CSA, ΔΣΠ (ΖΦ6), SW61, MD65, F
    06/24/09 Sharon Johnson-Smith
    06/24/09 Sylvie Giguere
    06/24/09 Erin Mester
    06/24/09 Monique MacKinnon
    06/24/09 Joan Criswell
    06/24/09 Andy Konsewicz
    06/24/09 John Kelsey
    06/24/09 Carolyn Radellant
    01/20/09 Bonnie Gortler
    01/20/09 Jennifer Tremblay
    01/20/09 Mari-Lyn Harris - Your Event Producer
    01/20/09 Anne Golias
    01/20/09 Nance Kowalski
    01/20/09 Scott Cunningham
    01/20/09 Louise DiSclafani
    01/20/09 Karen Vaillancourt
    01/20/09 Diana Schowalter
    01/20/09 Dale Donnelly
    12/15/08 Shella Fitzpatrick
    12/15/08 David O'Neil
    12/15/08 Mari-Lyn Harris - Your Event Producer
    12/15/08 Sheila Brennan
    12/15/08 Tony Mack
    12/15/08 Karen Vaillancourt
    12/15/08 JAKE PRESS
    12/15/08 Glenn Smyly
    12/15/08 Christopher Souza
    12/15/08 Mike Sachleben
    12/15/08 Deb Mullen
    11/28/08 Dantar Oosterwal
    11/20/08 Victor Diaz
    11/20/08 Gerald Haman
    11/20/08 Gary DeGregorio
    11/20/08 TJ Yeoh
    11/20/08 John David Larkin Nolen