Jeffrey Govendo
CEO Mindshare is a peer group model for sm. business CEOs & presidents. Groups meet 1x/mo. and alternate with monthly executive coaching sessions for each member.
Hopkinton , MA

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My Best Referral Is:
CEO/president/owner of a small business who recognizes the value of being part of a group of top-level leaders in non-competing businesses, to engage in mutual problem-solving, sharing best practices and supporting strategic decision-making. Also, any provider of services to small business who is in a position to recommend our service to the CEO (e.g. accountant, HR consultant, attorney, etc.)

Current Work:
  • President at The Innovative Edge, Inc.
  • Education:
  • Certif. of Adv. Grad. Study, Psychology, Boston University
  • M.Ed., Psychology, Northeastern University

  • Skills:
    Expert in group facilitation with an emphasis on encouraging creative problem-solving and generating innovative solutions to business challenges. Also group and 1:1 executive coaching. The CEO Mindshare model is a natural extension of skills I have honed for over 20 years as a business consultant and executive development specialist.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    President at The Innovative Edge, Inc.
    January 1999 - Present

    The Innovative Edge, Inc. is a consulting firm that helps client teams invent new product/service concepts and tackle their toughest challenges through creative problem-solving. We help companies increase their capacity for continuous innovation.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    Certif. of Adv. Grad. Study, Psychology, Boston University
    June 1976

    M.Ed., Psychology, Northeastern University
    June 1974

    Conversation History: (10 total)

    Date Person
    10/07/09 Dan Edmonds
    10/07/09 Franklin Davis
    10/07/09 Davis Cox
    10/07/09 Julie Gershon
    10/07/09 David Levenson
    10/07/09 Kevin Baker
    10/07/09 Shella Fitzpatrick
    10/07/09 Tony Holowitz
    10/07/09 Carla Meola
    10/07/09 joseph grillo