Dr. Vauna Powell
Senior Manager SEND OUT CARDS
San Antonio , TX

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  • Current Work:
  • Independent Distributor at Send Out Cards
  • Previous Work:
  • Independent Distributor - Senior Manager at Send Out Cards
  • Education:
  • Doctor of Education, Education Administration, Roosevelt University

  • Summary:
    My husband, George, (married 40 years) and I are the proud parents of three (3) grown sons.
    Our sons live in Austin, TX, San Francisco, CA and Australia respectively.

    As a former educator in the classroom and a special education administrator for over 20 years, I enjoyed helping individuals get ahead in life. Through Send Out Cards and working to enhance other's businesses, I continue to help others get ahead as we work rogether to build professional and lasting business relationships.

    On a regular basis, I work to further enhance other's health through serving as a consultant for everything from alkalinity/acidity of the body to alternative heart care and use of herbs and the right foods to get at the root of a health issue and not just mask a symptom.

    Finally, I work to help others save money on their food and even to establish food reserves for later use. Visit www.EZeFoods.com for more information or call 210-999-5084 to find out how to initially getting Free Food for only the shipping expense. Try before you buy!

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Independent Distributor at Send Out Cards
    January 2009 - Present


    Independent Distributor - Senior Manager at Send Out Cards
    January 2009 - January 2009

    Regular and special eduation teacher, educational diagnostician, and special education administrator in various public school districts in TX, IL, PA and CA.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    Doctor of Education, Education Administration, Roosevelt University
    January 1997

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