Bob Steenlage
Professional Speaker & Business Entrepreneur
[email protected]; 608-323-0243

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Current Work:
  • Independent Marketing Executive at FreeLife International
  • Professional Speaker at Corporations, colleges, schools, military bases, prisons, & parent groups
  • Previous Work:
  • Gentleman Farmer at Crop farm with Black Angus Cattle Herd
  • Science & Math Teacher & Wrestling Coach at High Schools & Middle Schools
  • Airborne-Ranger Army Officer at U. S. Army
  • Education:
  • B. S. Engineering, West Point (U. S. Military Academy)

  • Summary:
    Bob Steenlage comes from a dysfunctional family and was made fun of as a child. But he made a decision at age 12 to make something out of his life by learning how to control his thoughts, discipline his life and focus on his detailed goals. He learned that developing an 'Attitude of Gratitude' brings about daily Encouragement & Hope, while dwelling upon one's problems brings about Despair.

    Bob demonstrates that this understanding works for anyone who has a Burning Desire to change by becoming Iowa's First Four-Time State Wrestling Champion; Named as one of Iowa's Top 100 Athletes in the last 100 years; Team Captain & NCAA Div I All-American while at West Point; West Point graduate; Army Officer & Vietnam Veteran.

    Bob is a Professional Speaker, speaking in over 2,500 schools, colleges, corporations, military bases, prisons, & parents' groups, after almost flunking out of West Point, because he had great trouble speaking in front of 15 cadets & writing a proper paragraph.

    In addition to his speaking career, he is in the top 1% of income earners with FreeLife International. He has been with them for the past six years with many years of previous business experience with other companies.

    Bob is featured in his personal biography, 'Fighting Back' and in various Profiles of Champions books. He has been inducted into numerous Athletic Hall of Fame's, and you can visit the 'Bob Steenlage Exhibit' in the 'Dan Gable International Wrestling Institute & Museum' in Waterloo, Iowa. He has also been featured on various radio and TV programs.

    Bob & Bobbi have been married 43 years and blessed with eight children. All have successful careers to include an Orthopedic Surgeon, Sr. Attorney for John Deere Corp, Veterinarian, & three sons as Large Construction Co. owners & builders ( in the Minneapolis/St Paul, MN area.

    Bob thrives on inspiring people, who are willing to be coached on how to find happiness and success in life.
    Inspiring people to succeed & giving them the 'Know How' to do so. He 'Walks his Talk.' He lives the Culture of Service to others, which opens the door to helping others excel.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Independent Marketing Executive at FreeLife International
    September 2003 - Present

    Entrepreneur in the top 1% of success and earnings with FreeLife International.

    Professional Speaker at Corporations, colleges, schools, military bases, prisons, & parent groups
    September 1991 - Present

    Has spoken in over 2,500 corporations, colleges, schools, military bases, prisons, & parent groups. Received a standing ovation from many of the audiences. Filing cabinet full of speaker recommendations for anyone who wishes to view before inviting Bob.

    Gentleman Farmer at Crop farm with Black Angus Cattle Herd
    August 1977 - December 2002

    Bought a farm in 1977 & raised Black Angus Cattle for 25 years.

    Science & Math Teacher & Wrestling Coach at High Schools & Middle Schools
    September 1970 - May 1973

    Taught math & science in grades 7--12, 1970--1973, 1977-1979, & 1985-1987, in three different schools.

    Airborne-Ranger Army Officer at U. S. Army
    June 1966 - August 1970

    After graduating from West Point in June, 1966, Bob attended Airborne & Ranger Schools. He served as a company commander at Fort Hood, Texas in 1967. In December of 1967, Bob arrived in Vietnam & was assigned to the 4th Infantry Division. He first served as a Platoon Leader & later as a Company Commander. He was involved in the Tet Offensive of 1968. He was stationed at Pleiku, Kontum, Dak To, & Oasis, Vietnam. Bob resigned his commission in August, 1970, with two years in grade as an Army Captain. He was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for his action in Vietnam. Every 20th of Bob's West Point Class of 1966 was killed in Vietnam. His class is featured in the best-selling book by Rick Atkinson, 'The Long Gray Line, the American Journey of West Point's Class of 1966'.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    B. S. Engineering, West Point (U. S. Military Academy)
    June 1966

    Graduate credits at Roosevelt U. in Chicago; Minnesota Sate U; & U. of Wisconsin in La Crosse & Eau Claire.

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