Joyce Nelson
Appreciation Marketing Consultant
Green Bay , WI

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Current Work:
  • Systems Analysis, Team Building and Coaching at Public Schools
  • Education:
  • Masters in Educational Leadership, Silver Lake College
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  • Summary:
    I am a dedicated wife, mother and sister of diverse families, an entrepreneur, a go-giver, a creative and analytic thinker, an educator, a good listener, a philanthropist, and a flexible and resilient woman with a sense of humor.

    I am a Relationship Marketing specialist that facilitates . the 'We Can' in all situations.

    I help people build relationships/ build teams and build business. I help people to feel the smile on the inside.

    I am analytical and can ask the questions to determine the tools that may be needed to build relationships at all levels.

    I suggest the use of tools that will create a positive impact on the process of maintaining and building relationships with family, friends, and business.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Systems Analysis, Team Building and Coaching at Public Schools
    January 2009 - Present

    Marketing and Team Building Strategies People that want to build and maintain their personal and professional relationships in a way that will have meaning and give value to the receiver. People that want to improve their quality of life, build an income with a service that is based on giving and improving the world. People that have a mission of building relationships at a corporate level and are looking for a concept that blends an automated service with the essential elements of speed, low cost, personalization , graphics, photos,and integrity of confidentiality. I am looking for......... People that see that relationships are the only priority in business and life.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    Masters in Educational Leadership, Silver Lake College
    January 2009

    Conversation History: (15 total)

    Date Person
    06/10/09 Chris Hollis
    06/10/09 Daniel Stoica
    06/10/09 Barb Poirier
    06/10/09 Roman Segal
    06/10/09 Doris Helge, Ph.D.
    06/10/09 Lynn M. Wilson RN BSN
    06/10/09 Katie Krier
    06/10/09 Erik Therkildsen
    06/10/09 Brad Olinger
    06/10/09 Geoff Buchanan
    06/10/09 John Nawn
    06/10/09 Howard Burkat
    06/10/09 Carolyn Radellant
    06/10/09 Josh Studzinski