CEO/President/Greg Nanigian and Associates, affiliate Sandler Training
Braintree , MA

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  • President/CEO at Greg nanigian and Associates affiliate Sandler Training

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    President/CEO at Greg nanigian and Associates affiliate Sandler Training
    August 1987 - Present

    Greg Nanigian is a salesman, entrepreneur, sales trainer, sales management trainer, leadership trainer, author and former NASCAR Prostock Driver. He founded Greg Nanigian and Associates in 1987. GNA conducts training at client locations worldwide as well as at its three training locations in Massachusetts. GNA is an affiliate of the Sandler Sales Institute which is recognized by INC Magazine as the leading Sales and Management Training organization in the U.S.. GNA trains large and fortune 1000 companies including Sovereign Bank and Emerson. GNA conducts many programs for professional associations including the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the International Health and Raquetsports Association. Additionally, it conducts programs for many small and mid size companies such as Roche Pharmaceuticals, F1 Boston, ABT Associates, Good Brothers Ford and Dodge and Legal Corporate and Financial Services. Other offerings include time proven membership programs for individual sales people and managers. These help hone selling or sales management skills through on-going re-enforcement training. With his dynamic background, Chief Executives, Sales Managers and Sales People sit on the edge of their seats as they wait to discover what traditional approaches to leadership or selling Greg will discard next. He is a highly sought after trainer and is regularly featured as the keynote speaker for many businesses and professional associations. People are truly impressed with his humility, ‘real world training’, perceptiveness and ability to offer a solution, that usually works, to any leadership or selling issue. Clients routinely say that becoming a client of Greg Nanigian and Associates was indeed the turning point in their career!

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