Eric Grainger
I improve my client's communications. My goal is to improve how my client's educate, raise money, renew membership, promote events, and communicate with their audience.
Upper Marlboro , MD

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Current Work:
  • Account Executive at Linemark
  • Education:
  • Business , Business, Economics, Philosophy & Psychology, Mount St. Mary's University
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    Mission to improve my client's communications. I establish long term relationships with my clients by identifying their organization's goals and direction. Then I implement a strategic communication plan involving the following technology: Variable Data Print, Web-to-print, Email, pURL's, and a combination of e-Business Solutions. My end goal to improve how my client's educate, fund raise, renew membership, promote events and communicate with their audience.
    In my personal life, I have volunteered my time to raise money for many charitable organizations in my area. I have taken that experience and introduced Linemark's Fund Raising Program to Non-profits, Schools, and Associations in my area with success. I can do the same for your organization.....give me a call.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Account Executive at Linemark
    September 2008 - Present

    Linemark is a full service commercial printer with a specialty in e-Business solutions. Linemark developed the production of Personalized Photo Books with Kodak and now print all of the Photo Books ordered through Kodak Gallery from around the world. Linemark developed its own technology and now offer Universities, Charities, and any organizations with fund raising arms a fund raising program involving a branded Personalized Photo Product e-store in which they offer their membership or supporters Personalized Photo Products. As the membership/supporters use the site the organization is compensated the difference between the retail and wholesale price of the product. It is a unique fund raising program that can allow an organization a new way to reach out to their audience to raise money.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    Business , Business, Economics, Philosophy & Psychology, Mount St. Mary's University
    June 1990

    I played on Mount St. Mary's tennis team all four years leaving as the team's captain.

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