Jay Scully
Human Resources
Worcester , MA

My Best Referral Is:
Our typical client has between 5 and 150 employees and is a business owner who is forward thinking, values his or her employees as their number one asset and recognizes that to grow the business and increase profitability his or her time is better spent working on the business rather than in it.

Current Work:
  • Director of Business development at Synergetic, Inc.

  • Detailed Experience Summary:

    Director of Business development at Synergetic, Inc.
    October 2010 - Present

    Synergetic takes the “pain” out of being an employer. Synergetic is a Professional Employer Organization, or PEO. We are a one-stop HR service provider. A partnership with Synergetic allows small to medium-sized businesses to decrease their administrative burdens, reduce their legal liability, attract and retain higher quality employees, and increase their productivity.

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