What Blitzers are saying about BlitzTime events:

"I think that it can be a great tool to put people together and make networking really efficient. I did establish some contacts and will get in touch with them to follow up with lunch, etc..."

- Robert Santry
- Goldman Sachs

"I really enjoyed the 1 hour Spin Cycle blitz. It's been fantastic. I've met several individuals that I look forward to helping in my business. It seems like a fantastic way to network... I'm extremely impressed and I'll make sure I pass the word along to other people about how great this is."

- Jay Newton
- Service Delivery, Dell Inc.

  "This been a great tool. A great opportunity to meet a new person, which I did today. I like the structure of having a finite amount of time, so you can identify people you'd like to continue relationships with but you're not wasting a whole lot of time with people who don't have the synergy."

- John Bates
- The Job Guy

  "I love the concept - I think it's fabulous. I'd like to see more people get involved, and will certainly promote the opportunity for them to get onto BlitzTime. Keep it going!"

- Kandi Perry
- Glacial Energy

"I thought the Blitz was awesome! It was very helpful, I did meet a couple of people... I think it's a great idea. Very up to date technology wise, very easy to signup, and I'm glad I got an invite. Thank you."

- Michelle Duffy
- Globe Direct

  "This is fantastic! I now totally understand it and look forward to referring other people to it. Obviously we're going to talk more about how to make it practical for various business segments, and I can't wait to have those conversations. Nice job guys!"

- Peter Alberti
- Business Coach/Composer

  "This is my first time doing anything like BlitzTime or any type of speed networking. I thought it was valuable. I would definitely do it again; and as I get better at it I'm sure it's going to be valuable to me and the other folks. Thank you."

- Victoria Griffin
- Confetti Gifts & Chocolates

  "This was fun - it's such a neat tool. I love it! I thought 7 minutes would be too long, but it was just right. It's been about an hour now - and I'm not
yet exhausted..."

- Margo Johnson

  "The concept that you can network with people over the phone is fuzzy, but doing it - it is a brilliant concept! I am really glad I participated, and I will absolutely do this again."

- Catie Foertsch
- President, Our Town Productions

  "It cuts out the fluff in conversation - we're here to meet one another and find out what we can offer. BlitzTime is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people to offer my services to, and I have so far met someone that has services that I could be interested in the near future. "

- Aaron Richman
- Printing, Advertising, and Private Jets

"This is the second Blitz that I've done - and I really like the concept. I think it's only a matter of time and it's really going to catch on."

- Robert Corak
- President CorTechs Software

  "I really think this an interesting, really cool concept. So far in the first session I've been involved with, I've met some people I can immediately do business together, network together, and possibly do some future things together."

- Chris Rohland
- Metro Boston

"I'm very enthused about the chance to increase my sphere of influence of contacts. They can help me out, I can help them out. It's the old mantra of what goes around comes around. If you're able to refer someone to another business, someone else will refer to you another business."

- David Jacobs
- Office Depot

"I thought this was a very enlightening experience. It was very interesting, and I hope to do it again sometime soon."

- Holly Kouvo
- Personal Trainer

  "I think this is absolutely fabulous. BlitzTime is the networking modality not only of the future - but of the now. This is the way to do it - to sit here in your house or office or home office - or wherever, and I even had one on the road..."

- Lindsy Parker
- Publicity Expert

  "I see BlitzTime as a great time to speed network, talk to them over the phone, and meet them. Having only a 5 minute time frame creates the urgency to make you get to the point, start to know them, and determine whether you should follow up."

- Richard Kirby
- Executive Career Coach

  "BlitzTime has been amazing! The first couple of sessions I was real anxious, but after that I got into the swing of things. I felt that it was really helpful - I made a couple of strategic contacts much to my surprise. I didn't know what I was getting into when I first tried it out, but I'm sold now. I think I'm addicted to it!"

- Louisa McCullough
- Success Coach

  "Hi this is Mark O'Brien, principal and senior producer at BuzzFlix Media. I was a little intimidated at first about doing BlitzTime - I had never done it before. It kind of reminded me of speed dating for business. Once I got going, it was really enjoyable. It's a great and efficient way to meet people, do some networking, and improve your networking skills."

- Mark O'Brien
- BuzzFlix Media

"This is Ryan Nestor, Principal at Commonwealth Cash Management. I was part of the Blitz today - I met a lot of good and different people from different fields of business. It's a very efficient and effective way to do some quick networking. A good way to get an appetizer and get a feel for if there is a reason to meet and be a resource for each other's practice."

- Ryan Nestor
- Commonwealth Cash Management

"I think this is great - it's a great way to meet people and have a quick conversation. Kudos to you guys!"

- Andrew Wolf
- Protectionist Specialist

"This has been very helpful for me today. I've had 3 conversations so far, all of which have provided some information since I am a new BlitzTime user. But I think what's more important is the ability to share some of my interests and to gather some information from others I might be able to help."

- Karen Carter
- Finance & Operations Management

  "This is Jake Press, director of business development for MushyGushy.com. Today is my first time on BlitzTime - and I think it is a phenomenal service. The service offers a great opportunity to educate people about what you do and find prospect opportunities that are engaged that can learn more about what you do. It's a great way to connect."

- Jake Press
- MushyGushy.com

  "This is Mark Mandigo - my first crack at BlitzTime. I've been dying to try it. It went quick - just started to talk about things; broke the ice and got into nitty gritty; and I was down to the 6 second warning. I just have to adjust my mode, my speech style when I'm on Blitzes."

- Mark Mandigo
- Bull Services

  "So far I think this thing is very unique; very effective. Instead of having a speed networking event where you get 1 minute to tell people what you do; you get to have a more in depth conversation with people to hear what they do and tell them more about yourself. I think this is great, and I plan to use it more and more."

- Chad Steiner
- MetroWest Financial Partners

  "This is Susan - I am trying out the Spin Cycle and test driving BlitzTime today. I have to say I am already hooked. I look forward to future BlitzTime events and networking with others. I look forward to more to come."

- Susan (Kang) Nam
- Sourcing Specialist

  "This is Dr. Wright - so far I really, really, really dig BlitzTime. I'm really going to work on bringing some of my tribe over here. Thank you very much!"

- Dr. Letitia Wright
- Wright Place TV Show

  "I love BlitzTime; this is my second time going through the system. I've met a lot of great people - and it seems to get smoother each round. The people who are participating are more familiar with how it works, so everybody is contributing more the more we do it. This is fantastic!"

- Teresa Carvalho
- Marketing Vice President

"Wow - what an awesome tool to help me get back on track with my networking; and also to help me better utilize LinkedIn. Awesome experience. Thank you."

- Linda Dudley
- Human Resources

"This is very effective for online networking. The content of this session was very valuable. I hope I helped some other people, and I also got some networking tips myself. Very valuable - and I hope to attend more of these."

- Robert Schimenti
- Business Development Manager

  "The ability to network from your home or office drastically reduces the amount of time, energy, resources, and money it takes to attend the networking groups that are out there. So now I can bring this platform to my existing groups and associations I belong to. I can also start new groups and run them in the most efficient way - and that would include monthly face to face meetings and weekly phone based Blitz sessions."

- Brent Trethewey
- President, ID Group

  "This is Jim Freeman from Freeman Marketing Research. I've found that BlitzTime is perhaps one of the best and most innovative ways to connect with people I haven't met. It's great because right now I'm calling from my cell phone on the road, and I can do networking without having to be in my office. "

- Jim Freeman
- Principal at FMR

"My name is Chris and I've found the BlitzTime networking structure to be pretty cool. It puts you in touch with people of different varieties. It removes the uncomfortableness of having to lead a conversation. The timer is helpful in making sure you use your time efficiently."

- Chris Ensley
- Event Participant

  "I think it's fascinating to have actually done a Blitz. I've learned so much, met so many people. It's very very interesting. Give it a try - you'll love it. You don't know why it's going to great until you do it. Once you do it, you get it."

- Larry Lawfer
- Your Story

  "Wow - this is the best Blitz ever. Being able to connect with 10 or 12 of some of the neatest people around the company. I can't tell you how much fun it is being able to connect with people. BlitzTime lets you put a name with a voice, and a voice to a name, and a picture to a profile. It's way cool. I look forward to the next Blitz. "

- Deb Mullen
- Professional Speaker

  "I was very intrigued at the way this works. I enjoyed it. I liked meeting the new people I met and sharing the things we have in common and how we may help each other. I'm looking forward to doing this again very soon."

- Karen Vaillancourt
- Interview Coach

  "This is Amy Yawnick of Cashmere Coaching. This is my first BlitzTime experience and I had a blast Blitzing. I met a lot of great people. It was a little difficult towards the end when time was running out, because you got to the really juicy stuff right after the time. BlitzTime is a great way to meet new people and to network, and I highly recommend it."

- Aimee Yawnick
- Cashmere Coaching

"This is Jacob Conway from Networked Recruiter. I've had great success with this Blitz. It's the first one we've done. The conversations, the format, and the ability to talk 1-on-1 with members and prospective members has been a valuable use of my time."

- Jacob Conway
- Networked Recruiter

  "This is my first time on BlitzTime - it was very informative. By the end I realized that you need to start by explaining who you are right away and what you do, and listening to what the other person does. Before you know it, very quickly you hear leads and valuable comments from each other. It was very informative, and very quick and didn't take too much of my time up. I will follow up with some of these people."

- Rick Kaplan
- Commercial Real Estate

  "This is David Jacks from ExecuSource. I think this is really cool. If you're a new user, you should take a moment to prepare your 2 minute schpiel and get that out of the way so you can spend some time with questions and answers and give the other person a chance to talk. Go on before your call and set your preferences as to whom you want to speak. It's great, it's awesome, thanks!"

- David Jacks
- CEO ExecuSource, Executive Search

"I really enjoyed the BlitzTime experience. It's like speed networking over the phone. I've already made some good contacts I'm going to follow up with, and have the potential for some business. Thanks very much."

- Phil Rosenberg
- reCareered - Career Coaching for the Digital Age

"I just wanted to give a little feedback about the session. I'm really enjoying having the opportunity to network with people, not just in Fresno county but all over. I think it's a very fast and convenient way to meet new people. I hope to utilize this service in the future."

- Paula Blanchard
- Human Resources Consortium, Inc.

"Very great experience. It's a good way to talk to people and save time, without having to drive anywhere to get together with a bunch of people. Thank you."

- Robert Lim
- Financials Services Professional

  "I really enjoyed my first BlitzTime session. It seems to be really clear as to how it works; and the call-in works the first time which is not always the case in the webinar world. I like the interstitials put up, and the ability to brand those during the call; and I met some great people. All in all a positive experience."

- Dave Evans
- Digicraft

"I did enjoy using BlitzTime very much. I find it's a great way to communicate with other people, especially if you can't make a meeting. It's very easy to use, and it's nice that we can make alterations if we need to."

- Suzanne Cyr
- Printer

"This is my first time on this process, invited by Deb Mullen. It's probably the best thing she's ever done for me. Absolutely phenomenal in terms of the opportunity. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I met a bunch of tremendous people. Great concept, keep up the good work."

- Paul Palermo
- United First Financial

"I think this is a wonderful idea for professional network and business marketers to get together on a non-competitive forum. Thank you very much, I appreciate this opportunity."

- Kaye Stephens
- Coach and Mentor

  "This has been a wonderful experience. This is my first BlitzTime, and I think this is a great tool for networking and meeting people. I give it two thumbs up!"

- Donald Lemieux
- Project Manager Supply Chain Consultant

"Great program. This is really innovative and exciting. I'm looking forward to participating in these in the future. "

- Melanie Brown
- Talent Acquisition Pro

"I thought this was fantastic. I was halfway organized, but next time I will be completely organized. It's awesome, it's convenient, and it's a wonderful way to network."

- Wanda J. Corner
- CEO, Corner of Success

"This has been great - I really enjoyed connecting with people. It's very efficient, and seems like a great way to get to know people."

- Kalimah Ayele
- Networth Institute

"This is a great forum and great tool to facilitate connections, to grow my professional network as well as an opportunity to exchange ideas. The format is good, and it allows a lot of time to connect with individuals to find out if they have a need or can help you out."

- Everett D. Jones
- Senior HR Staffing Consultant

"This is Sharon Johnston - and its first time with BlitzTime. I'm very impressed. I've always wanted my LinkedIn relationships to have more depth and this is a catalyst to allow LinkedIn users to add something more valuable, rather than just the first connection. Thank you for creating this innovative opportunity, and I'm glad I can be a part of it."

- Sharon McKie-Johnston
- HR Professional

  "This has been quite a revelation - very cool concept. Very direct, I got to meet people I ordinarily wouldn't meet in a tremendous environment. I'm very excited about the concept. "

- Bill Rosenberg
- BarterBing.com

  "This is my first Blitz and it has been great. I've met several wonderful people, and I'm looking forward to participate in more events for networking. It's a lot easier than straight cold calling. It's a warm call, and folks have been very friendly."

- Karen Servance
- Staffing Manager, Northrop Grumman

"This is my first time using BlitzTime. I find it to be an excellent resources. I've been able to make connections and am able to follow through across the country. What I like about BlitzTime is it's better than face to face networking because you have a limited time to hone on what you do and give the other person the chance to do the same and follow through; instead of spending several minutes with someone going on and on."

- Terry Perry
- PinkSlip HR Strategic Services

  "On my first ever Blitz - it's extremely interesting. The time limits help you get to the point. You get to trade information and find out what other people are doing. It's very interesting, and enjoyable too."

- Ben Caron
- adhd1.net

  "BlitzTime is amazing! It gives you a chance to connect with people you otherwise wouldn't get to talk to. I'm having the best time!"

- Mary Davis
- Blogger at Working Mother

  "I love it! It's absolutely phenomenal. I'm going to be spreading the word on Twitter and LinkedIn today. You guys have the opportunity here to build a phenomenal social network that actually is really social and drives revenue for people."

- Kevin M Huff
- Trainer, Marketer, Coach, and Leader

  "This been extremely beneficial. I'm looking forward to participating in future events. I like the format. I like the various topics, and the immediate connections and connections that can be passed on to others in my referral network."

- John Konevich
- Commercial Lending Brokerage

  "After my first session with BlitzTime I have to say it's a pretty neat and innovative way to make that first introduction to a bunch of different dynamic individuals who are as passionate about their business as I am about mine. I look forward to attending many more."

- Danielle Lucido
- Acct Executive, Clear Channel Taxi Media

  "I thought this was a great event. I did enjoy meeting a lot of people and of course it was good to make sure we were on track and stay efficient. I will definitely be back another time."

- Sara-Marie Pons
- Financial Planner

"BlitzTime was a great event. This was a lot of fun, fast. It keeps you on your toes and makes sure you listen to what the other person is saying."

- Michael Manning
- MSP For IT Services

  "This is really great. I'm an avid networker, I'm going to events every week. I really like what you have here and I'm looking forward to hosting my own events here."

- Tony Mack
- One Source Graphics

"This has been a great experience. It's different - I've never done anything like this before. Getting the intro on the computer screen gives you a heads up on people's backgrounds. I would definitely do this again - I met some very interesting women today."

- Judie VanKooiman
- SimplyFun.com

  "This gave me an opportunity to meet people I would not otherwise meet. I really enjoyed the short, pointed conversations because it helped us keep on track. Thank you."

- Kate Hyland Mercer
- Business Adventure Guide

  "This is my first time using BlitzTime - and it is definitely revolutionary. I am really excited and plan to continue doing this more often."

- Katissa Boyer
- Cash Leveraging System

  "This is Dave Turner from Raleigh, North Carolina. This has been an interesting event to meet some other recruiters who can possibly help me fill some jobs I'm having a hard time with and help me extend my reach to other parts of the country. I've enjoyed the opportunity and look forward to doing it again."

- David Turner
- President, Summit IT Services

  "I love it! This is one of the best events I've attended. I was able to talk with a diverse audience with diverse perspectives. For example, I met a person who does photo shoots, a CEO, an executive, a sales person. It was really good because you got 1-on-1 time for 6 minutes as opposed to a busy conference and get to meet 2 or 3 people in a crowded environment."

- Gopal Shenoy
- Salary.com

  "I thought the format is great. It's very segmented and structured to coordinate business. A lot of networking events in person turn out to be a social event and do not really have a business discussion. Even though we're not meeting with people (on BlitzTime), we seem to accomplish more in a short amount of time to deliver our message effectively to the people we're working with, so I think it's a great format."

- Brian McLaughlin
- VP - New England Home Funding

"I liked it very much. It was very different, but very focused and a good use of time - being able to log on and meet people in a 1-on-1 session after getting content from the moderator."

- Adrian Davis
- Expert in sales and customer strategy.

  "This has been an amazing experience. I have appreciated all of the different conversations I've had. You've come up with a very unique for people to be able to connect across the country, and share your ideas about what companies and services are being offered."

- Deb Hess
- Minnesota Inventors Congress

  "My name is Larry Straining and this is my first blitz event. After a couple of conversations, I realized that this is kinda fun! I look forward to future events. Thanks for giving me the opportunity."

- Larry Straining
- Innovation and Technology Leader

  "BlitzTime is so focused and unbelievable opportunity to turn around and really share information and meet people briefly. It's a quality driven timeframe where you need to be very focused in identifying what your desires are and how you can help each other. Highly recommend it - be focused and ready to rock and roll. It's a great opportunity. Go Blitz!"

- Dawn V. Gay
- Principal at CSC

"I thought this was very interesting - and the speed forces you to get to the point and not do so much chit-chat. The speed allows you to meet more people faster, instead of feeling like you have to make an excuse at a networking event to walk away and meet other people. Thank you."

- Hazel Wagner PhD
- PhD author, speaker, power brainstorming

"I think this is a fabulous tool. It's a great way to meet people with the purpose of networking - find out if there is a match and determine what the next step is. Often you go to networking events and you might spend a good part with one person, and there really isn't a connect. Or, you might not have a lot of time to meet people at the event because you are seated at the table and stuck with the people there. This has been fantastic. Thank you."

- Joan Ziegler
- Director of Business Development

"If there was ever a time that you needed to condense and focus on your thoughts of what you're looking for in business, this is it. On BlitzTime, you're forced to focus on the task at hand. I feel a rapport talking to people even in a short period of time, and I'm looking forward to coming back again."

- Joe Paternostro
- Whitewater Financial Management

  "I really enjoyed this event - it's very innovative. I definitely met some great people and this will not be my last phone call, that's for sure. This is exciting - and who knew you could get to know someone so fast and in so little time!"

- Lilly Harris
- President, Man-Machine Systems Assessment

  "This is Maurice Velasquez. I'm very impressed - I've never seen this before. I can see the power in this. I would be interested in how this can work for my company."

- Maurice Velasquez
- President, Real World Leadership, People Development

"This was my first BlitzTime session, and I really enjoyed it. 7 1/2 minutes goes by really quick. It really forces you to condense down and get the fluff out, and focus on your message. I was very impressed and I'm looking forward to the session tomorrow night."

- Tom Hortel
- Inventor, Artist, Visioneer; Zenovate

  "This is Lisa Maxwell in Westwood, MA. I love BlitzTime because it allows me to connect with people not just in my local area, but anywhere in the country. I know there are ways that I can help them and they can help me - that we wouldn't uncover if we were just connected on line without having the opportunity to speak. So it's a great way to network on another level, and I would recommend it to anyone."

- Lisa Maxwell
- Keller Williams Realty

"This is Andrew Jellison - so far it's been very successful. I'm surprised at how quickly and smoothly the transitions have been between different calls. It's a good overall amount of time to get your message across as well as to listen to a number of different people in different industries and verticals."

- Andrew Jellison
- All Business Communications

  "This is Liz Scully, and I think this is a wonderful and very efficient / time efficient way to meet lots of great people. I'm making some very interesting connections tonight. Thank you!"

- Liz Scully
- Scully Group Websites

"I thought BlitzTime is a great concept. It's nice to be able to do it from the warmth of your office and not have to run around the city and connect with trains. It was great to connect with professionals in different fields and find a way to increase our networks."

- Tiffany Freud
- Business Development for Accolo

"This is my first experience with BlitzTime. I found it very interesting. I found it very cool to meet people from all over the country and the world. I will continue to participate and find groups that are helpful for me and maybe I can help others as well."

- Irit Oren

"This was a wonderful experience. I got to meet a lot of people in disciplines not similar to mine - lots of new ideas. It was great - thanks."

- John David Larkin Nolen
- Creative Engineer/Physician

  "This is Kelle Sparta. I really have enjoyed this blitz. I've done a lot of networking, and I find this Blitz is much more effective than other networking sessions that I've been to. I'm not wasting a lot of time in random social conversations. It's very focused, we're getting a lot done, and we're finding about each other very quickly; so I'm not getting stuck in one place - I'm meeting a lot of new and interesting people."

- Kelle Sparta
- Business Coach, Consultant and Shaman

"This was really awesome - I made some very important business connections, got some great ideas, hopefully inspired some people. I think this is great!"

- Valerie Mrak
- Producer/Director, Mrakulous Productions

  "The BlitzTime experience has been fantastic! There hasn't been one negative experience that I've had. Everything flows smoothly, and everyone has been very gracious. We're all in great moods because we're connecting and networking with one another. I love it - and I'll be back. Thanks!"

- Lucy Beal, M.S.,N.C.C.
- Midlife Success Coach

  "It was an exceptional experience for myself and I believe for the other individuals I spoke with. It is a very useful tool for a number of different applications. I am excited for the opportunity to use this in my own organization in the future. I am definitely going to reach out and spread the word. I am excited about BlitzTime!"

- Christopher Souza
- New England Data Services

  "This is the second session I've been on, and in both cases I've met and spoken with people that I'm planning to network with. Anyone who has any kind of networking aspirations should certainly sign up and become an active member. "

- Jim Noble
- Manpower Professional Staffing

"I'm feeling exhausted - but what an uplifting feeling! Virtually everyone I've spoken with has been pleasant and engaging, and there's been some reason for a next step conversation in almost every case. I'm very enthused with the product. Congratulations on this and I look forward to future refinements in the future."

- John Kevorkian
- Who's Buying Next

  "I think BlitzTime is very interesting - I've met 3 or 4 people who I'd definitely like to follow up with afterwards. The conferencing guy, the Goldman Sachs guy, the sales coach I just met - pretty much everyone I've spoken with is someone I'd like to follow up with. "

- Michael Kreppein
- Inquisix

  "I'm a musician and business owner of a DJ company. So far the Blitz program has been great because you get to connect with more than one person in a short amount of time, and time is valuable. It's an easy way to facilitate yourself around different businesses and organizations. I like it a lot. "

- Mike Tarara
- Singer / Rhythm Guitarist

  "It's a great concept - loving it so far! I'm trying to figure out how to use it more often. It's a great process. A little fine tuning on the website, but now that I've got the hang of it, it's pretty cool. Congratulations guys! "

- Stephen Dill
- Marketing Professional

  "I think it's a great idea. It really is very interesting - I look forward to doing it again. I'll be sure to pass along the word, and blog about BlitzTime.
I'm going to spread the word so we get a lot of interesting people in here."

- Linda Sevier
- Pagetender Web Services

  "I just want to say, what an amazing tool BlitzTime is, and I look forward to using it for our Next Level events in the future. It is really a great way for people to connect without distractions, either before or after an event - or over a great distance when people don't have the opportunity to meet face to face."

- Mike Langford
- CEO, Next Level Executives

  "It was a great experience - got to meet some folks and get an idea of how BlitzTime works, think of some applications in the other groups I belong to. I enjoyed it and hope to do another one soon. "

- George Cox
- Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch

  "I definitely see this as an effective tool for being able to quickly meet new people. The great benefit is that, sometimes you go to an event and you can't get rid of a person - well, the clock's going to shut them off; so that's pretty effective. We are going to talk further about how this could be used at trade shows - because I believe before and after could be quite effective."

- Jason Kallio
- Trade Show Strategist

"I found BlitzTime to be a well organized and professional networking site, and think that this is a technology that has a lot of promise for a lot of venues."

- Amanda Veith
- Accent on Action

  "It's great to have BlitzTime to connect with old friends and colleagues as well as potential clients. With everyone's busy schedules, it's very time efficient and effective. So check out BlitzTime!"

- Coach DQ
- Career Life Coach

  "This is my first session, and I thought it was really great. I took advantage of speed networking, but I could do it from the comfort of my office or home. The people I met were really great, and so I think I'd like to participate again. "

- David O'Neil
- Story Trust

  "I wanted to just say I had a positive experience. Sharing a few minutes with those across various industries and various markets. It's a great way to bring active networkers together to share our experience, and share our network, and share who we know. Keep doing what you're doing BlitzTime!"

- Joel LeBlanc
- National Sales Manager CACSI

  "This was a fantastic tool for me to expand my marketing efforts. Integrated with my LinkedIn profile this has certainly been helpful."

- Nick Inglis
- Advertising Executive

  "This is my first time on BlitzTime, and this Speed Networkers speed mixer has been great. I've made several contacts that I think are going to lead to clients, and I've made several referrals. I can't wait for the next one!"

- David Rouille
- Patent Attorney

"This is a great tool - I'm so glad I found it! I think a lot of people will benefit from this technology. I've made great contacts already, and I think probably what would help if a little more information when you signup. This is the best way to take advantage of your BlitzTime session. Please edit your profile, and make it as specific as possible."

- Beth Fenger
- Organizational Development Professional

"Rick Robinson here. Thank you very much for holding the BlitzTime event today. It was a great opportunity to learn from Diane Darling, survival skills for networking; and it was a great technology for networking with other professionals. I look forward to doing it again."

- Rick Robinson
- VP William Palumbo Insurance

"I think has been a wonderful experience. I've met wonderful people, and it's been very nice!"

- Kathryn Harmacek
- Virtual Assistant

  "My name is Tom Cafarella. This is my first Blitz and I can say it's been great so far. I definitely think it's an awesome idea, and a very efficient way to get out there and meet new contacts."

- Tom Cafarella
- North Shore Financial Management

  "This is Dale Donnelly talking about BlitzTime. It seems to be very positive - it is very brief. I am impressed with the people I've talked to. I'm impressed with how the system works; and I'm looking forward to more BlitzTime. Thanks. "

- Dale Donnelly
- Entrepreneur, SendOutCards

  "I think this is a great tool for anyone who wants to network quickly. Like most in person events, this provides the quick information and contact you are trying to develop. There does need to be a way to educate folks on how to use this. Perhaps a practice run to show people how to sell themselves in less than 3 minutes."

- Todd Lyden
- Program Manager CCBC

"This is Gyee O'Malley with LiveLogic. I've had a ball just talking to the different people. I recently moved to the Boston area, so I'm looking forward to meeting new people and networking. Thank you for the good work - and I'll be joining BlitzTime again and again. "

- Gyee O'Malley
- BI Consultant @ LiveLogic

  "This is Jim Stroud. I'm a new user of BlitzTime, and I have to say I just love this service. There are so many people that have 5, 10, 15 thousand contacts on LinkedIn or MySpace or Facebook. But if you were to ask them - how many of these people do you actually know? How much time have you actually spent with them conversing? It's probably less than 10. So I really appreciate your service. I'm finding a lot of people, I'm having fun; and I will be using it again, again, again, and again!"

- Jim Stroud
- Social Media Developer, EnglishCafe

"BlitzTime certainly is an interesting application of networking across timezones, geographic areas, and even industries. I look forward to seeing its development and using it to create success for my organization."

- Sam Wholley
- Baker Tilly

  "This is my second BlitzTime, and it was even better than the first time; because I got a little more comfortable with it. It's exciting talking to new people. I've already made some really great connections - and have a good way to connect with them afterwards."

- Rebecca Blayney
- SendOutCards

"I enjoyed the training event and also the afterevent with networking. I did enjoy the conversations with various people from all walks of life, and to hear different stories. This is a good opportunity for networking and I hope to continue to use it."

- Terence Chuhay
- Environmental Scientist

"I found BlitzTime to be extremely positive. I've met some very interesting people who are looking to help me, and who I can also help out. I think it's a great idea that people should be signing up for and utilizing. Thank you."

- Wendy Juengerkes
- Account Implementation Manager

"My first experience with BlitzTime - I'm enjoying it so far. Seems to be a lot of nice people here - and I'll leave here with some ideas today. Thank you."

- George Wentz
- Sales

"This has been a wonderful BlitzTime event. Great ideas, great people. Just keep it going - this is innovative. It saves a lot of time, money, and travel. I appreciate it."

- Carl Wirth

  "This is Chew Hoong, and thank you for another great way to connect with people. I'm sitting in commuting traffic while I'm doing some quality networking. I look forward to doing more of this and spreading the word about BlitzTime."

- ChewHoong K
- Business Development

"This is Rita - this is actually lots of fun! Connecting with individuals and talking with them on the phone. This round robin process is great - you really are talking to great people. I'm hoping that after this session you send this info out to individuals again to refresh their memory."

- Rita Battle
- Career TurboCharger

  "BlitzTime is an extremely cool tool and this is the first time I've been on it. I've been very impressed with the system and being able to meet all of these wonderful people. Hopefully it will drive some new opportunities. I look forward to coming back to these very cool events on BlitzTime."

- Walter Schwabe
- FusedLogic

  "It was actually a lot of fun. I was nervous at first because I am not a business professional. I'm a Mom with a website and really didn't know if anyone would enjoy talking to me. It turns out I made a lot of great connections. You never know who knows somebody who knows somebody. So I think this is an effective tool for anyone who is in business or not, or anyone who wants to learn more about social media and make new connections."

- Mae Mason
- Mutha Mae

"I think that this was an awesome tool to meet people in different areas as well as my own area, and to talk about my services as well as theirs."

- Susan Lataille
- Independent Executive

"This is the first time using BlitzTime, and the system is very easy to use. You get to meet a lot of interesting individuals where you can form some strategic partnerships or even pick up some new customers and some new friends. Definitely a great system, and glad to be able to use it."

- Jeshua Zapata
- Xzito Creative Solutions

  "Steve Conway with Network Recruiter. Very impressive - I enjoyed the conversation and the points that were made that were a little bit under the gun; but it does get you to make that point and elaborate on that point without spending a lot of time guessing and hee-hawing about what you're gonna say. I can't wait to use it another time."

- Steve Conway
- Recruiter

  "I found BlitzTime to be very valuable. On my first meeting I was able to connect with some people who I may be able to work with and do some referrals. So far it's been very valuable, and I'm glad I'm a member."

- Joe Norcott
- Business Technologies of New England

  "This is recruiting animal. You guys oughtta have in your banner that this is an online speed networking site. It's easy and it's fun, highly structured so you don't have any social responsibilities. I took a good look at the site yesterday but couldn't figure out what it was about until I got to talking."

- Recruiting Animal
- Host of Recruiter Radio Talk Show

  "This is a wonderful opportunity to network with folks without leaving the office. We're all time deprived, and this is an incredible opportunity. Thank you BlitzTime."

- Mark Blackney
- Clovis Chamber of Commerce

"This has been great - I love this! I love being able to connect with something that works in my schedule. I can do it at home, at the office - I can do it when it's convenient to me, and that's wonderful!"

- Reina Isaac
- Signal Communication Systems

"I think this seems like a very outstanding platform to conduct networking. Congratulations and well done - I think it looks great."

- Jeff Garr
- President HR Knowledge

  "This is my first Blitz, and to me it seems like an effective way for connecting with people and expanding your business. It's an interesting concept and I wish you the best of luck expanding it across the globe. I look forward to sitting in on more events."

- Ed Jaworski
- SOS4Software.com

  "I have to say that BlitzTime is definitely a plus for any business. If you want to know what is new and can benefit your practice, you have got to try BlitzTime - it is awesome. I have met so many people from so many different companies; and it is great to connect with people on a professional BlitzTime. Thank you BlitzTime!"

- Lisa Forbes
- CEO, Perfect Solutions

"I am having a wonderful time using BlitzTime. It is a great way to introduce yourself and your business. I'm looking forward to using this more in the future to build business relationships as well as to take the conversations offline."

- Felicia S. Richardson
- Pre-Paid Legal Services

  "This is my first time using BlitzTime, and this is an awesome tool! It really takes the excuses out of not getting out there to meet new people. BlitzTime is a wonderful tool that people can use when they can't get out but still want to grow their business. Thank you BlitzTime."

- Tyrone Turner
- Grassroots Business Network

"I thought it was great - I met two people in my hometown so I can make a face to face connection. Out of four connections, two of them gave me great leads."

- Dorothy Williams
- Customer Experience Expert

  "This is great software - the first time I've ever been on BlitzTime. I'm looking forward to the next time the Grassroots Business Network puts something together like this. Really positive experience, met some interesting people, some familiar, some new."

- Michael Gutlove
- Payment Processing Direct

"It is a very innovative way to be able to network with other people that do all kinds of different businesses. It's a first of its kind, and I think it's going to dominate its category of Speed Networking."

- Neal Rodriguez
- Imperial Jets

"This is my first time with BlitzTime, and I'm quite fascinated with how it works. It takes a little bit of the sting out of the professional networking environment. I will definitely do this again."

- Ellen Tietjen
- Smile Maker

"This is my first Blitz. I was not aware immediately of how the process works, but I am now. Speaking with people every 5 minutes was a great way to connect, share my knowledge and information. I can't wait for the next one, and I look forward to Blitzing with everyone."

- Jill C Tarbox
- VP Community Relations

"I want to thank Brent Trethewey for inviting me to participate in BlitzTime - this is my first time. I'm certainly going to continue to do it. I've found this interesting, stimulating, and a great way to widen our professional business networks for a purpose that is pure, authentic and great. Once you learn about what your peers are doing, you can determine how to help them out - and in turn help out your clients or customers."

- Bill Reed
- Chair, Vistage International

  "This is my first time using BlitzTime. It's a great concept - a good way to put a whole bunch of people together in a short period of time to hear elevator speeches and learn a little more about what we do and how we can help support each other in our businesses. "

- Amanda Blazo
- Sente Global

"This is my first Blitz. I'm a recruiter with an agency, and so far it has been absolutely excellent. I've met with so many folks in so many different parts of the country. Southern states, California - and I'm on the east coast. Already a lot of us can't wait to connect after our BlitzTime meeting and contact each other more about referrals we can help eachother with."

- Karina A. Manriquez
- Recruiter/Founder, Resourceful Recruiting

  "BlitzTime is an awesome program - I wish I thought of it! I'll be hosting my own BlitzTime event soon. It's a great opportunity to learn so much from everybody and certainly get clearer in how you communicate with each other. Thank you."

- Mari-Lyn Hudson
- Heart @ Work

  "It's a phenomenal platform - I really think you guys have something different in the market. It's like speed dating but for networking."

- Justin Levy
- Restauranter and Social Media Expert

  "This is an excellent tool - I think you guys are on to something really special here and unique. You have me hooked here."

- Robert Feeney
- Executive Sales Manager, Gage Marketing

"This is my second BlitzTime event, and I find it very rewarding every time I do it. I make a connection who may lead to a connection and so on. So far I'm a big fan of BlitzTime."

- Doug Beck
- Executive Staffing Professional with Intepros

  "I think BlitzTime is an outstanding idea! I look forward to using it and excited about the possibilities for how to use it further."

- Joshua Jarvis
- Atlanta Real Estate Agent, Connector, Social Mediaist

"Overall it's been a great experience so far. I've connected to a lot of people very quickly from different subject areas and backgrounds. I'm looking forward to having more conversations."

- Karyn Martin
- Account Manager, Emerge PR

  "BlitzTime has been a great tool, because it allows you to put the 'Social' back into social networking and social media. It's so easy to sit in your office and have the most conversations you've had all day. Having realtime conversations with people is absolutely invaluable and I'd love to see this keep going."

- Andrew Rohman
- Neptune Web

  "BlitzTime has been a great tool for meeting a bunch of people really quickly. I can sit here behind my desk and have great conversations with a bunch of people without any downtime. It's been a great tool for meeting people and determining whether I can help them or they can help me."

- Peter Caputa
- Online Marketing, HubSpot

  "On BlitzTime, you get an opportunity to speak to all of the people in a network for a short period of time to see if you can do business. In other networking sessions, you only get to talk to 3 or 4 people, and you get locked in - you don't get to see everybody."

- Anya Studenc Downing
- Imperial Image

  "My name is Marguerite Dorn from 'The New Having it All'. This was my first Blitz event and I think it was just fantastic. It's a very efficient and yet personal way to connect with a diverse group of people, and to access out into networks that one wouldn't normally connect with."

- Marguerite M. Dorn, Esq.
- TheNewHavingItAll.com

  "I think BlitzTime is a great idea - a good way to have contact with people who are not able to physically be in the same area. I expect that BlitzTime will increase in popularity - and I am going to use it again."

- Avery Gimble
- CEO, Innovative Video Productions

  "This event was very exciting and a lot of fun. There were some very nice and interesting people with some interesting businesses. I look forward to doing more BlitzTime events."

- Michael Dinoff
- Owner, YTB Travel Network

"I've found the blitz so far to be fantastic! I've had 6 great conversations, and it's been a good experience. I'm glad I joined this particular group - it seems like there are a lot of people interested in what I have to offer, and I'll be able to help them too which is great."

- Kyle Salem
- Senior Consultant, The McQuaig Institute

"I'm very happy with BlitzTime - I was able to meet quite a few people. I love how it's structured. You have a certain amount of time to talk; and the quality of the people on the calls is also a great thing since it is often hard to get in touch with other executives."

- Bob Hackenson
- Trade Show Specialist, Dynamic Influence

"I think BlitzTime is a revolutionary concept in networking!"

- Regi Sasso
- Netsea.org

"I found it very interesting. I made some great networking opportunities that I will be following up on. So I'm very excited to try it again."

- Carla Braun Hixson
- Associate VP, Bismarck State College

  "I want to thank you for arranging this wonderful piece of technology that helps a lot of people. I got a lot out of being a participant in this speed relating, networking online activity. I look forward to making the most of all the wonderful resources you've put together to help people network better."

- Gerald Haman
- SolutionPeople Innovation

"Great event - I love the shortness of the sessions. It forces you to not get lost in chit-chat, but you stay focused to find out if there is a great reason to connect later. I think it's very convenient - I'm involved in other networking events where you have to do breakfasts and lunches, and deal with travel time. This is very convenient, very user friendly so far. I highly recommend it - thank you so much."

- Steve Von Hoene
- Dream Manager LinkedIn Group

"I'm finding this very helpful to me. You get a quick idea of what people are about, sharing some valuable overview of what I'm about; and then looking in a very focused way to where we can connect and mutually support each other. There's real potential in that idea in having quick hits and looking for common ground."

- Eric Doctors
- Creativity & Talent Development Consultant

"It was my first time using BlitzTime today, and I definitely would say it's an interesting experience. The people I talked to were interested in networking and really wanted to speak with people and answer questions, ask questions, and get some feedback. Compared to other networking events, I felt that the people here were much stronger leads than the people I met at other networking events."

- Jacquelyn Mariani
- SMB Account Manager at Softmart

  "This has been a very interesting session. I feel like I connected with a few people who were very interesting and I had a lot in common with. In all but one case, I definitely want to follow up to try to help them and hopefully they can help me."

- Jocelyn Canfield
- Graphic Designer and Photographer, Communication Results

"It's a 50 yard dash of getting to know people, connecting, and getting great ideas. It's terrific as a powerful way to learn how to keep your own message focused; and how to help others in the business."

- Kevin Murnane
- Adjunct Professor, Kellogg Graduate School

  "I really enjoyed this process, and I like talking way better than emailing!"

- Linda Naiman
- Corporate Alchemist, Creativity at Work

  "This is Rene Zipper - from Weston, Florida. I think this is fabulous - I wasn't sure what to expect. Everyone has something to offer, and that is what's great about the newer times. Whether you are 20 or 60, everyone has experience and something to offer. I've connected with people I don't think I ever would have connected with."

- Rene Zipper
- General Manager, Hill-Rom Medical Company

  "It's been pretty exciting to jump into the fray with people I've never met before, and it's funny to see how we're connected in ways that were not anticipated - through business, educational institutions, our interests, our children. It's a very interesting and exciting opportunity. I look forward to doing more Blitzes."

- Jerry Meyerhoff
- Continental Automotive Systems

"This has been a wonderful opportunity to meet new people across the country. This if my first opportunity to participate, and as a recent member of LinkedIn, this has brought light to the people I've connected with."

- Robin Lanier
- CEO at Fruition Marketing

"This service has been excellent. It's definitely an opportunity to extend my network and meet new people, so I'm very pleased."

- Jeremy Morgan
- Sr. Partner, OfferGlobe Partners

"I believe this is a phenomenal concept - and totally different. I didn't have to leave my house, I'm actually sitting in chair having time to network with people. I think it's an awesome system - thanks again for this opportunity and I look forward to other calls."

- Mellisa Brathwaite
- Sr. Associate at United First Financial

"I have found BlitzTime to be extremely engaging, very concise, and it has a very good purpose for getting people connected to the people they need to connect with and generating excellent ideas. I hope to use it many times in the future. Thank you so much. "

- Alia Selim
- Well-Rounded Training Extraordinaire

"You can't even compare this to any networking event that I've attended. This is beyond anything that I've experienced. I've made 5 contacts in a short period of time vs I may have attended a live event that lasted 2 hours and maybe come away with 1 or 2. This has been invaluable to me."

- Jerry Manas
- The Marengo Group

  "This is my first time with BlitzTime, and I find it amazingly helpful. My initial reaction was one of interest, and now one of definite recommendation to other people in non-profit and other areas, because this really is attracting an audience that is a lot deeper than just technology and early adopters."

- Rusty Citron
- The Actors Hall of Fame Foundation

"I found this BlitzTime event to be very innovative. A good way to instantly meet 5 to 8 new people and just spend a couple of minutes finding out what is going on. I thought this was a very creative way to approach this."

- Nora Collins
- Consultant - Adaptive Strategies, Inc.

  "This is the first time that I've been on BlitzTime. I really enjoyed our experience tonight. I think it's a great tool - and I'm excited to think of all the ways I can use it in my world. So I really liked it. I had a lot of great conversations, and some leads that I think will develop into something for me. Overall it was very interesting and definitely worth my time. Thanks very much."

- Ann Macaulay
- ACT-1 Personnel Services