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VIRTUAL Speed Networking: Make New Contacts from the Comfort of Your Office!
Posted:2013-08-28 10:24:13 (*Posting Closed)
We're all busy, and meeting new people can be a challenge - so come to this totally virtual networking event! You'll meet new people from across the country, exchange ideas and referrals, and never have to leave your home or office!

Mary Cravets, Business Coach and Master Networker, will give a brief training before the networking so you'll know:

- What to expect from the Speed Networking rounds
- How to use your time for maximum results
- Exactly what to say

Event is sponsored by Rachel C Vane of and Jana Shiloh of Nerium Skincare.
Participants: 29 Confirmed:

Verona Forde
Holly Higbee-Jansen
Karen Joseph
Marian Sjostrom
Cecelia Jernegan
claudia gwinn
Amie Phan
Monica Nainsztein
jana Shiloh
CJ Boston
Rachel Vane
Kay Love
Katie Cornelius
Karen Joseph
Janice Baudat
Marty Dobkins
Maree Bradshaw
Tyrone Turner
Julie George
Joan Lubar-Alvarez
Lorraine Segal
Cheryl Ebner
Laura Schappert
Alan Waghelstein
Chris Damron
Dr. Marta Adelsman
Cindy Holt
Holly Higbee-Jansen
Mary Cravets
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We're sorry - this event is full and is no longer available for new participants. Please join the next event.