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Only Fun & Funky Business Professionals Need Attend!
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Posted:2009-04-15 12:56:52 (*Posting Closed)
Only fun and funky business professionals need attend! Share your colorful array of services with other business professionals in this hip and funky networking group.

Our special guest, Linda Landon from Linda Landon & Associates, will be our presenter. She'll be presenting information from her upcoming program 'Free Yourself from Financial Fear - and Recover Your Life'.

This event is free!

SPONSOR the event and have a personal 30-second recording played during the event (only 5 slots available!) for only $10.00.

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We look forward to connecting!
Participants: 21 Confirmed:

Andrea Berry
Dee Nott
Linda Landon, ACC
Lorraine Spencer
Ralf and Amy Wiebeck
Heidi Danos
Kim Billings
Marcia Bertrand
David Eastman
Bonnie Gortler
Kaye Stephens
Sally K Witt

David DePluzer
Kelly Stanley
Mike Ferguson
Lynne Walls
Erik Swanson
Michael Hopfner
carolina dursina
Judith Wilson Burkes
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