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The Day After the Networking Event - What Do I Do Now?
The Consummate Networker
Posted:2009-06-30 18:25:38 (*Posting Closed)
You attended the networking event yesterday. Whether it was face-to-face at a local Chamber meeting or via phone like this BlitzTime event, you've come back to your office with a whole bunch of business cards from people you met. Now what do you do?

Michael Kreppein, Chief Sales Officer of Inquisix, will talk about what you do the morning after a networking event. During his call, you will learn:

* Show Up - Were you prepared for the event last night? Prepping for the event means you're ready for the morning after.

* Dive In - You have all these business cards in front of you, now what? Respond to them all? Just a few? And what do you say?

* Best Way to Get Value - The best way to get value from attending networking events is to Give. Learn why giving ends up meaning you get

* Continue Reaching Out - The next networking event may not be for another month. What should you do over the next 30 days?

Michael Kreppein is the Co-Founder and Chief Sales Officer of Inquisix, the online networking where our members connect to more business through trusted referrals. As a 20+ year veteran of sales and sales management, his roles have included bag-carrying sales rep and sales manager for up to 17 sales reps. But no matter the company or role, his primary focus is selling to new customers and building a repeatable, scalable sales process for himself and his team. He writes about selling, referrals and business networking on the Inquisix blog at

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